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Mozilla completely redesigns the Firefox add-ons page

Mozilla continues with the great series of changes that it is implementing in Firefox. We know that with Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57) we will not only have the fastest version of the browser to date, but we will completely change the model of WebExtensions, add-ons that could be much more powerful than the Chrome extensions.

With the launch of Firefox 57 just around the corner this coming November 14, Mozilla has decided to completely redesign the official page of Firefox add-ons and change its operation a bit.

It is a more modern and perhaps nice design for the tastes of some. But, it is not just about appearance, several things have changed, and something that may be annoying for some is that we no longer have a button to install extensions directly from the list of results.

There are also no labels on the results that tell you which versions of the browser a plugin is compatible with, however, now the results that the add-ons page offers will always be extensions compatible with your version , that is, if you open that website today from Firefox 57, you will see many less add-ons than if you had Firefox 56.

Another new detail is that the reviews of the supplements have been moved to another page and no longer appear directly in the summary of a supplement, you can only see the ratings, to see the opinions of users you have to make another click under the stars.

Search results can be filtered by importance, recently updated, number of users, better ratings and popularity. Also by type, whether extensions or topics, and operating system. You can also check to only show you add-ons promoted by Mozilla.

It is a simpler and minimalist design, and also works more simply and perhaps too minimally . The main page shows a few short lists of promoted extensions, popular categories, and some themes, but the same extensions seem to lose prominence among those rectangles of colors.

Be that as it may, this is the new model, it has good things and maybe some bad ones. The important thing in the end is that the number of extensions is high and quality, and unfortunately Firefox 57 will come with many shortcomings in this regard, because there are still many add-ons that are not compatible .


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