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Medium will offer spoken versions of its articles to paying members

According to VentureBeat, from Medium they are trying to attract a larger base of paid members to their subscription model by offering spoken versions of their articles. Apparently, subscribers will receive an audio version of each “exclusive story financed by the members”, along with additional sections chosen by the company’s editorial team.

For now there are more than 50 stories available in the spoken version. It is worth remembering that last March Medium announced a subscription model, trying to achieve a sustainable business model after a few difficult months, marked by the dismissal of workers and the abandonment of accounts.

Returning to the news itself, the articles will be narrated by either a professional dubbing actor or the authors themselves. The service is already available on the Medium website and its mobile apps. A spokesman for the company commented the following …

The most popular articles of Medium are usually first-person perspectives, so our spoken versions are designed to give the listener a direct and emotional perspective of the story with narrations recorded professionally by real people.

Members of Medium’s payment are being notified via email about these changes.

From the middle it is noted that the new business plan of Medium is generating some skepticism , although nevertheless it is still a little early to determine if they will succeed or not. In any case, we agree with them that offering exclusively spoken versions of their articles is not enough (although they think it is a powerful reason to subscribe).

From Medium they say that this is only the beginning and that they plan to release more features in the future. We will see if this feature makes the new business model of the blogging platform grow.


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