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Instagram is changing your feed again: Now you will also see recommended photos of accounts that you do not follow

In mid-2016 the bomb was released : Instagram said goodbye to its chronology replacing it with a feed in which the photos are chosen by an algorithm. The change caused that we hardly see publications of certain contacts, while in the case of others we run into everything they disseminate. A situation to which we are incorporating photographs of accounts that we do not follow.

Coinciding with the launch of the feature that allows hashtags to follow , Instagram began to try a new section in its main feed with the title “Recomadado para ti” . A section in which three to five snapshots that friends have liked or that the algorithm believes may be of interest to the user are shown. The trial was confirmed that same day.

The photos are suggested according to the publications that the user likes in accounts that follow

The novelty of today is that, according to an Instagram spokesperson revealed to TechCrunch , it confirms the public launch of this feature that continues to operate silently.

“Recommended for you”, the last big change of Instagram

When moving through the feed, you may see recommended publications for you. These publications are suggested based on the publications you like in the accounts you follow. You can choose to temporarily hide the “Recommended for you” posts.

The new section is already explained in the help section of the Instagram website and more and more users say they are meeting with it, although it is not being well received . Something that reminds us a lot of what happened in March 2016 with the tests to end the temporary feed .

On this occasion, there is good news for those most upset by the change: although you can not eternally hide the section that little by little will begin to appear in everyone’s feeds, it is possible to get rid of it for a while . Just click on the three points that appear above the recommendations and then click on “Hide”.

This is an added feature that could warn a general discontent to those responsible for Instagram or, in a turn of events, evidence a good reception of the recommendations.

It is possible to hide the recommendations, although only temporarily

In any case, “Recommended for you” is one of the most important changes carried out by the social network of photography in recent times.

On the one hand, because until now we should be proactive when it comes to finding new content through the section “Explore”, the activity chronology of our accounts followed or the newly released function of following labels. And on the other, because it represents another step in the transition from a temporary feed to an algorithmic feed . From ordering the photos of the profiles that we follow by the time they have been published, we have moved to an order made by an algorithm, with a selection of the included content, to which the suggestion of publication of accounts that do not we continue


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