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I want to disappear from the Internet: How to do it step by step

There may come a time when social networks and other internet services stop being useful to us . Or even that feeling of uselessness has always been there. Be it for that reason or for any other, there are people who make the decision to disappear from the internet erasing all traces of their passage as far as possible. It is not easy, but to a certain extent it can be done.

In the case that you have made that decision and look for help when leaving the internet leaving the smallest loose ends in forms of user accounts unused and similar, we will explain how you can unsubscribe, cancel or close different types of these accounts and / or profiles of social networks and other kinds of services. Take note of our instructions and advice .

It is not easy to disappear from the internet, but to a certain extent it can be achieved

Just keep in mind that retiring from the internet is a big step that should not be taken lightly . In many cases, once the accounts have been deleted, the information they contain will disappear forever and will be unrecoverable if we do not have a backup copy of it. Similarly, there will be certain data that may be impossible to eliminate and endure, such as information about our person and related to our name, although we will also try to deal with that circumstance in this guide.

In any case, if you really want to exile from the internet and leave no trace in the digital world, you will need to adopt new habits regardless of erase or eliminate.

Three websites to disappear without detours

There are three different websites, but the three have more or less the same role. Account Killer , Delete Your Account and Just Delete Allow me to search in different ways practically anywhere on the internet where you have had an account or a profile and quickly find the exact site from which to proceed to disappear. That is, direct links to pages that allow you to deactivate accounts or kill them forever.

It is especially useful when we talk about services that make it more difficult for us to leave our account behind. Using these webs and following the instructions that all three incorporate, it will be much easier to carry out the whole process as you will pleasantly verify if you use them.

These three websites provide us with direct links to the removal pages of hundreds of platforms

In any case, we do not want to stay there . That is why we are going to explain directly to you how to proceed in the elimination of different accounts and profiles of services and especially important social networks in which the majority, if not practically all, are registered or have registered at some past moment. As we will see we have to remember, it is important.

If we find problems, we also offer some alternatives with which to overcome them. We go with the three steps of this process of disappearance .

Step 1: delete accounts

We are going to talk about the elimination of the Facebook account, the Twitter account, the LinkedIn account, and the Google account with its product ecosystem. These processes will serve as an example for the rest of accounts that we may have, whose deletion processes will be similar: a set of steps that must be taken in the configuration options of each of the services. Just look at each of the sections, get information on the help pages of each site or visit websites such as those mentioned in the previous section.

In the following four examples we offer you direct links to the pages from which to proceed to the elimination of your registration in the different services.

  • Facebook : We click on the drop-down menu found at the top right of any Facebook page and access Settings . Once there we will find ourselves in the General section , where at the end of all the options we will see Deactivate account . We will have to click on it and continue with the steps in which we will be describing the entire process.
  • Twitter : In the case of Twitter we will have to access the profile settings and, in the Account section , which will be the one that appears by default, at the end of the whole we will find the link Deactivate my account . Simply click and follow the process indicated by selecting the options that will allow us to disappear from the social network of the little blue bird.
  • LinkedIn : On LinkedIn, the professional social network par excellence, we will have to go to the Settings and privacy options that appear by clicking on our avatar in the top bar that appears on all the pages of the platform. Once on that new page, we will move to the end and find the option Close your LinkedIn account . By clicking on it, the closing process will begin, in which we will be asking questions and offering different options.
  • Google and other associated services : For the Google account and the other products of the company, such as Gmail or Google+, we will have to go to the My Account menu by clicking on the option that we will find in the drop-down that opens when we click on our photo, for example, from the search engine. Once there, we will place the option Delete your account or certain services . At this point, we can choose what to remove, if directly the entire Google account or only the registration in certain products.

Step 2: search us in search engines

Something that anyone who wants to disappear from the Internet should do, especially those who are more forgetful, is to search in any search engine. For example, in the most powerful and popular as Google , Yahoo , Bing , Yandex or DuckDuckGo . Really, it is highly recommended to do it .

We should look for our name in all the ways we can write it or write it to us, also nicknames that identify us, nicknames , user names, emails, identity document numbers … anything that could be related to our person . We may have some surprise in the form of accounts that we did not remember we had or similar. Memory sometimes fails.

Once found accounts that we had forgotten, we proceed to try to log in to delete them. It will be necessary to remember the password, of course. Otherwise, if we keep access to the mail we use for the registration, we can try to remember or recover a password. If we obtain access, we proceed to eliminate them by following the necessary steps. If we do not obtain it, in most cases we will not be able to do anything to make it disappear.

Among other options, we have the possibility to exercise our right to forget or request a data deletion

If it is not about accounts and it is about publications in third-party spaces, if we want that information to disappear we can contact those responsible for those portals to try to eliminate the data. If there is no luck, we could ultimately prove to exercise our right to oblivion if we are European citizens. Using forms, like this one from Google , we can get in touch with indexers and other types of sites to eliminate the information if it falls within the assumptions contemplated by the regulations. If you are not a citizen of the Eueopean Union, you can try the alternative withdrawal options offered.

Step 3: Change names in indelible accounts

If you have been able to access some of the accounts or profiles that you have had and the deletion of them is proving an impossible mission, a good idea may be to change the data that appear in them and eliminate as much as possible the information that show

We are talking about indicating another name that does not identify us, indicating other nicknames and, of course, deleting any publication we have made and do not want it to last there. Also, if the site in question allows you to make your profile private, take advantage of the option. In this way, even if we have not been able to make that part of our network disappear, it will have remained anonymous.

Throughout this process, especially when an elimination involves contacting a webmaster , we will have to arm ourselves with patience and be aware that they may not listen to us. But the important thing is to try and take all the possible steps, as if truly each of our requests was going to come to fruition causing what we intend, to erase all our presence online. In most cases you will not get the perfect results expected, but you have tried . Whether it is much or little, it will be something.


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