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How to know in detail if your PC will be able to run a video game

One of the small disadvantages of video games in PC are the different variations in terms of the technical requirements of each title. As the years pass, sometimes only months, your hardware starts to lose capacity and the most modern and demanding games at any time you get out of hand because your video card simply can not with them.

Before deciding to buy a video game for PC it is ideal that we check the minimum requirements and recommend them to know not only if our team is capable of executing it, but how well it will do it. If you are looking for a tool that will inform you of this without having to look for information about your own hardware and about each game separately, Can I Run It? Offers you a solution.

Can I Run Iit? Is part of a group of tools that we put at our disposal in System Requirements Lab so that you find out quickly if your hardware is enough to run that game you want. In order to use it you must write the name of the game and then install a small file on your PC. You will then receive the information directly on the website.

There, once the analysis is finished you will be informed if you meet the minimum or recommended requirements. Below you will see in detail exactly which components are up to par and which ones fall short. It shows you what you need vs what you already have and even you are recommended improvements.

In that same web you can also find lists of all games that offer analysis. You have a section to observe all the details of the hardware of your own equipment, you can ask for a ranking of your computer, and you can even visit a section with recommended PCs that are able to execute most modern games passing both the minimum requirements and the Recommended.


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