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How to create your own theme for Telegram Desktop

Telegram has just updated its desktop client for Windows, Linux and Mac. The messaging application has native applications for almost all operating systems and if you use the program on your computer you can now change the appearance of the chat by installing custom themes.

As with the bumper stickers that abound on the platform, anyone can create their own theme and share it with the community. While there are a few options to choose from in the official Telegram theme channel, if you want to create your own color scheme, the process is not complicated, and we’ll show you how to do it.

The first thing of course is to have the latest version of Telegram Desktop installed on your computer. If you do not have the app installed, download it from the official website. If you already have it, you should see a message at the top that invites you to update.

Create a theme for Telegram

A Telegram theme consists of two files : a combination of colors and a background image. In GitHub you can find the file with the necessary code to create your own color combination. It’s the default theme code and we’ll write about it.

You will need a simple text editor like Windows Notepad , but I recommend using something like Notepad ++ to edit the colors more easily. Create a new document and paste all the text that is in GitHub into it.

Now play the tedious part, change the hexadecimal color codes to those you prefer . If you want inspiration from pretty color palettes, you can look for some in a site like Coolors .

The elements are relatively easy to identify, for example “windowsBg” is clearly the background of the window (windows background). Replace all the colors you want and save the file with the following name:colors.tdesktop-theme

Choose an image of your preference that is of good quality and changes its name to ‘background.jpg’ or ‘background.png’. If you want it to be an image that is repeated as a pattern, you should save it as ’tiled.jpg’ or ’tiled.png’. Now select the two files: the image and the code and compress them with a tool like WinRar in .zip format.

Now you need to change the extension of the .zip file to .tdesktop-theme for use in Telegram. Open any chat, and share the file you created. From that window you can download it and install it like any other.

That’s the way mine is, yes, it’s horrible, but I was trying as fast as possible to share this article with you.


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