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How to clean the phone memory

You know how you can clean the phone memory quickly and effectively? We tell it from our blog of Technology. Our mobile phone has become our new computer and we found the same problems of these. Install, uninstall applications, and keep your applications and data navigation. Memory full and do not know why. We entered the SD card and we find endless folders, empty or not, they take up precious space and also help slow down our system. Then we will see some applications that will help us solve this.

The best apps to clean the phone memory

Among the best apps that can help clean the memory of the mobile include…

How to clean the phone memorySD Maid

The first application to be discussed will be SD Maid. Its application is very complete and trash folders looking in the SD card and help us eliminate them. Some features require you to be rooting but really worthwhile because they help you find corpses (so called the program) and clean up temporary system data. The functionality of the application is complete and it really helps you in your task of cleaning our memory of the SD card and makes our device work better and with more empty memory.

Clean Master

The second application of the going to talk about is Clean Master. This application removes residual files, temporary and duplicate files APKs. It also has the option to free up RAM and CPU stopping optimizes applications that have excessive consumption and unnecessary at that time. Another application would have to be among your essential for proper functioning of our mobile.

SD Card Cleaner

Finally we present SD Card Cleaner. This application searches through files on your SD memory and the list depending on the size they occupy. You have the option to view the file and decide what to do with it, keep it or not. Most application although only searches for files and automatically decides not files which are waste and are not needed anymore.

Now you have no excuse to have the cleanest phone and free up storage space on your SD memory. A cleaning in time thanks phone operation and we saw that everything works better.

What do you think these apps to clean the phone memory?



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