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How to change my country in iTunes to download blocked apps on my

The iOS App Store is the app store that gives more revenue to developers, and therefore is the first catalog in which many developers choose to publish their programs. But some of these developers do something that is often criticized: publish applications only in certain countries.

And Apple accounts are linked to the country from which you have made them, so if you want to install applications that are not in your country you must change your account settings to get it. And what seems like an easy step has many factors to keep in mind. Let’s see them.

Change the country you have a payment method of that country

First and foremost, if you want to change your existing Apple account to another country, you need an authorized payment method in that country. It is the most difficult thing, but it can be solved by talking to a friend you have there to ask momentarily for your debit or credit card. Question of reaching a trust agreement.

If you have made a payment method from that country, then follow the steps below. We will use iTunes , since this way you can follow this guide from macOS and from Windows:

  • From the “Account” menu in iTunes, select “View my account …”. You may have to enter the password for your Apple ID:
  • Select “Change Country or Region” in that dialog box and click the “Change” button. Suddenly iTunes will show you a welcome dialog as if you had opened the application for the first time, and you will have to accept Apple’s terms and conditions again . For each country these terms are different, so you have to accept them separately from the Spanish. This is where you will need to enter the payment method and the billing address of the country you have selected.

One thing to note: When you’re done, you’ll see that the purchase history of the App Store and the iTunes Store will be empty. That does not mean that you have lost your purchases : if you buy an application that you had previously purchased, Apple will recognize that previous acquisition and will communicate with a dialog box that the download will be made for free.

You can also delete the payment method as soon as you have made the account. To do so, go back to the “View my account …” option in the “Account” menu, and in the payment information section you can change the method and select the “None” option. Ready.

What if I do not have a payment method?

Well Apple is the clear sea with this in its official documentation :

If you change the country or region of an existing Apple ID, you must indicate a payment method and update your billing options.

The only option here to download applications from other countries is to create aseparate Apple account from the one you have. And no, you can not share it with an “In Family” configuration, because to do that you have to share a payment method that can not be present in two countries.

The “advantage” here is that you can easily create it from iTunes. If you open the iTunes Store and go to the bottom right of the page, you’ll see a flag. If you press it, you can change the region store:

When you have done so, search the iTunes Store or the App Store for something free to download. You will be asked to enter an Apple account, and you can click on “Create a new account” by choosing “None” as payment method.

As a final reminder, remember that Apple’s terms of use prohibit the use of content acquired in third-party countries in which you have created your Apple account. The vast majority of applications are available worldwide and nothing will happen, but keep in mind when traveling and want to use some service.

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