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Have you heard of the Mohs scale?

Diamonds are an extremely effective substance. Diamonds, in fact, are the hardest material on earth. It is so complicated that the Mohs Scale measures 10. This scale is used in manufacturing and industry by many individuals and helps them decide the best way to cut or break an object. It allows for manufacturers to know what machinery to use and whether Euromac Bending Machines, like the ones from Cotswold Machinery Sales will successfully bend the metal they are working with.

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The Mohs Scale is a hardness rating system for minerals and gemstones. This is calculated by looking at how scratch-resistant a material is and how a sharp point responds to the surface of the gem or mineral. There is another test that tests the resilience of a gem and this test includes applying pressure to see how well it reacts without chipping, cracking or making cracks.

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In 1822, Friedrich Mohs (pronounced Moze) coined the Mohs Scale. Mohs selected ten minerals and gave them numbers based on their response to other materials being scratched. It sounds too simplistic, but it is a highly powerful hardness judge and is still in use today.


For those initially looking at it the scale may be deceptive. There is no fair spacing of the disparity between substances and the amount corresponding to their hardness on the scale. For instance, only one number away from Corundum on the scale is diamond (a group of minerals including rubies and sapphires). A diamond, however ,is actually several times harder than these stones.


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