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Google can know if someone is taking a look at the screen of your phone thanks to this artificial intelligence

All mobile operating systems incorporate security measures so that as far as possible our most sensitive data is not exposed, but what happens when that exposure can occur around the screen? Who watches in those cases? Google may have the answer.

At the Neural Information Processing Systems conference to be held next week in Long Beach, California, researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff, employees of Mountain View, will present an “electronic screen saver” project. Goodbye furtive glances thanks to the front cameras of the phones and, once again, artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the selfie camera of Google Pixel and an artificial intelligence of ocular detection, this system allows to recognize a second look at the environment of the device in only two milliseconds , according to Ryu and Schroff, working in various angles, poses and lighting conditions. If that happens, stop showing what we were seeing on the screen and activate the visualization of the camera, where the face of the unknown person is indicated. In the tests, which we can see in the video, the strangers vomit rainbow.

This rapidity when detecting foreign and indiscreet views, crucial in making this form of privacy protection truly effective, is achieved thanks to the fact that the software is running directly on the terminal, without requiring any additional processing on servers. external.

Presumably, the work of these researchers could be based on a tool called TensorFlow Lite recently released by Google. A library that facilitates the integration of artificial intelligence in Android and other mobile devices thanks to the fact that it requires less storage and computing capacity than the previous tool, TensorFlow, published at the end of 2015.

As pointed out in Quartz, who have collected this innovation first, this “electronic screen saver” could be very useful when viewing confidential or sensitive information in public spaces . Given the advances in facial detection that incorporate the most leading terminals, it would not be ruled out that these systems arrived relatively soon.


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