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Ethereum Syllabus, all the resources you need to learn about one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing its biggest explosion at this moment, and one of the digital currencies that has attracted the most attention almost as much as Bitcoin itself, is Ethereum. At this time it has the second largest market capitalization.

But Ethereum is more than a cryptocurrency, it’s also a distributed computing platform that has taken the blockchain concept further, and with the value of each Ether above $ 1,300, you might want to learn more about it , the technologies in the which is based, if it is worth investing, and how to do it.

The Ethereum curriculum

Ethereum Syllabus is a good site to help you understand about this cryptocurrency in particular, about the world of blockchain, ICOs, Bitcoin itself, or how decentralized currencies are shaping in the future .

There is a lot to learn, while on the Internet and in the news you are probably constantly reading about how Bitcoin reaches $ 20,000 , and a couple of days after all the cryptocurrencies crash , you may not have much or any idea of ​​how all this happens and why.

It is basically an intensive and free course of Ethereum and criptodivisas that you can take whenever you want and learn at your own pace.

In NoviceDock they have wanted to gather all the necessary resources to help you, especially those topics that you should know once you read all the basic beginner things . Not only about Ethereum, which is about what all the content focuses on, but about cryptocurrency in general, with the necessary context so you know you have quality information.

The content is divided into sections, beginning with a complete introduction to what is Ethereum and the basic operation of the platform beyond the Ether cryptocurrency as such. As you move on, you will learn some history of how we got to Ethereum from the early days of Bitcoin, through smart contracts, decentralized applications, Ethereum tokens, ICOs, and more.


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