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Draftsend lets you create free video presentations with just one PDF and your voice

Although when it comes to presentations usually in the first thing that most people think of is PowerPoint, this does not mean that there are no alternatives to the Office program, nothing further from reality.

In the case of those looking for much simpler tools that also work from the web, there are solutions such as Microsoft’s Sway . But the presentation alone is not everything, what about the presenter and what he has to say? This is where Draftsend comes in.

This service allows us to create interactive presentations by uploading a PDF to the web and recording the audio that accompanies it. It is perfect to share a presentation that you have already given to a group of people without having to repeat it.

Draftsend only asks for a microphone and a PDF with the content of your presentation . So you can record your voice and add your part to a silent slide show.

The grace of the presentations is that they are a visual support for the presenter who tries to explain something to his audience, but not all the time that person can be present everywhere.

With Draftsend you get an extremely simple solution, because you do not have to edit audio and video on the one hand, you do not have to convert formats, you only need your presentation in PDF, something that you can easily export from PowerPoint and other tools.

Draftsend has a free lifetime plan that allows you to create, publish and track public presentations. When you finish editing your presentation you get a link to share in video with whoever you want.

In case you want to share privately, a player without any reference to the service and more features, such as templates and team collaboration, Draftsend has several payment plans.


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