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CERT: “The only way to completely fix Meltdown and Specter is by changing the CPU”

We are still recovering from the scandal generated after discovering worrying vulnerabilities in Intel, AMD and ARM processors. At the moment we know that there is no perfect solution, since a patch against Meltdown could slow down the teams up to 30%, while we are still waiting for a solution for Specter.

CERT ( Computer Emergency Response Team ) is a response center for security incidents in information technology created in 1988 in response to the Morris worm incident. While Microsoft, Amazon and Google claim that their computers are protected, CERT says that the best solution is to change the affected CPU.

“To eliminate the vulnerability completely, it will be necessary to replace the affected CPU.”

A practically incalculable expense

In its most modern chips, Intel has chosen to “solve” this problem by isolating the core page table (PTI) , which is responsible for separating core memory from user processes.

The patch for Meltdown has a counterpart, since it causes the system to slow down between 5 and 30 percent (depending on the task and the model of the processor). If this is the only solution, it could be a problem for those companies that base their business on a great power of processing.

Anyway, CERT recommends that users apply these patches, updating operating systems and browsers to stop Specter and Meltdown. This vulnerability is so widespread that it could affect most of the planet’s computers .

Obviously, that means that it concerns the main technological giants (Intel, Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.). If they were forced to replace the CPU’s of all the equipment, the expense would be astronomical.


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