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Caption automatically finds the subtitles for all your videos on Windows, Mac and Linux

Caption is one of those tools that once you start using you can not live without it. What it does is extremely simple, it automates a rather tedious but necessary task for many: the download of subtitles for our videos.

Our colleagues from Applesfera talked about it at the beginning of the year, but in the last days of December they launched Caption 2.0 with new features and it is also available for Windows and Linux as well as macOS for the fabulous price of free.

Caption is a small open source project, and after the first version for Mac was so well received, decided to rewrite the app almost from scratch and meet the largest request of users, the versions for Windows and Linux.

The new version is much faster, has a new search algorithm more sophisticated, offers notifications when the subtitles are downloaded, added support for multiple sources, and added support to find subtitles for large numbers of videos at once.

Using the app is extremely easy, its interface is very minimalist and direct to the point. All you have to do is drag any video to the Caption window and the program looks for the subtitle automatically.

When you find a compatible subtitle, download it immediately and save it in the same folder with exactly the same video name , so you only have to play your series or movie.

You can drag one or more videos, the app works very, very fast. You can choose between multiple languages, including, although the best results are with English subtitles.

We have tested it both in Windows 10 and in macOS High Sierra and both systems work perfectly, it is extremely fast, and if it were not because we found it almost the last day of the year, it would be included in our list of the best apps in the world. 2017.


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