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Canon introduces its first 4K professional monitor

Manufacturers are betting increasingly by the 4K format, so that this segment is getting gradually more interesting. As often happens in these cases, the greater offer in the market will allow the televisions and screens with this resolution are more accessible to the end user. Canon, a leader in professional imaging technologies company, announced its entry into this market with the launch of its first professional 4K monitor, model DP-V3010.

This monitor has a screen size of 30 inches and is designed specifically for color grading and production of high quality 4K video. It therefore offers a first-class I / O solution for broader 4K digital cinema and video production workflows.

Canon introduces its first 4K professional monitorThe DP-V3010 is designed to deliver repeatable and accurate results and is optimized for use in processes such as color correction, where overall image quality and consistency are of paramount importance. Its spectacular resolution, as well as a wide range of color options, makes it suitable for use in studios and outdoors, as well as other tasks with digital image, including CGI work, computer aided design and 3D animation.

Precise color reproduction

The DP-V3010 has been designed to deliver incredible 4K resolution along with outstanding accuracy in color reproduction even across multiple displays. This new monitor has an image processor specifically developed and manufactured by Canon. The processor, when combined with a system of backlight RGB LED and LCD IPS panel provides a consistent quality and color, both during recording and editing process in post production.

A 10 – bit driver works with the processor to possible show 1,024 RGB color tones and thus provide gradation characteristics exceptionally smooth and precise for all types of content. As a result, the monitor offers true color reproduction capabilities, necessary for color correction, which is an alternative to specific DCI-compatible projectors in post-production work.

The RGB LED backlight system of the DP-V3010 allows the reproduction of a wide variety of colors. Combined with the IPS LCD panel, the monitor supports color space most commonly used in the film industry, the DCI-P3 , and the requirements of the color gamut of various television standards (ITU-R BT .709, EBU and SMPTE-C) and the Adobe RGB color space. With its 30-inch (76.1 cm), the DP-V3010 is designed for installation on a table or wall, in an editing room or in a studio, making it ideal for video editing , Color correction, special effects and to meet the advanced needs of 4K digital film production.

High resolution and contrast

The IPS LCD panel has a resolution of 4,096 x 2,560 pixels (4 times the resolution of a standard monitor Full-HD), which allows you to display DCI 4K native resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) without image scaling . The monitor is also well suited for performing editing tasks with the computer, such as processing of high – resolution still images and for work on visual effects production, thanks to the panel format 16:10 . In addition, the technology of image processing Canon, combined with the IPS LCD panel, high contrast, can achieve a ratio of contrast of 2,000: 1 , the minimum recommended by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) to The post-production work of digital cinema. To ensure accurate playback of night-time recordings and other scenes in low light, the DP-V3010 accurately reproduces the gradation of dark areas of the image, which is very important in the production of digital cinema.

The DP-V3010 also offers a wide viewing angle thanks to minimal changes color and contrast throughout the IPS LCD panel, which is a very efficient solution in the editing rooms or in places where they are Many people who want to check the quality of the image at the same time concentrate.

On-site monitoring

Equipped with a specific image mode compatible with the Canon Log Gamma, the DP-V3010 allows the conversion of recordings made with the EOS Cine System cameras into images more suitable for immediate control during shooting.

In addition to being compatible with the standard recording speed in film, 24p, the new Canon monitor accepts a variety of video input signals from 4K 23.98p to 60p, including 50p recording speed, which is more common In television productions in the EMEA. Its compatibility with the ASL CDL metadata format and the 1D / 3D-LookUp (LUTs) Tables allows you to match the colors very accurately, both during shooting and with color correction programs (color correction).

The DP-V3010 also offers three modes of scaling for video productions 2K and Full HD, including Shape Tracing Technology Canon, which suppresses the teeth of the diagonal lines when content is enlarged and displayed to the resolution of the entire screen.

Improved reliability and handling

To ensure high reliability levels, the DP-V3010 is subjected to a precise color adjustment before it leaves the factory. When the display is working, extremely high color accuracy is maintained by a very advanced system that automatically corrects any changes in color and brightness over time, ensuring very stable display performance.

The DP-V3010 includes a control unit that provides intuitive operation through various control buttons and dials and can be used on a table or installed in a standard 19 – inch rack (approx. 483 mm).

The operation and maintenance of the same is even better thanks to its compatibility for the calibration of white balance, brightness, color temperature, color gamma and gamma without having to use a computer, if a sensor Compatible third party.


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