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Artificial Intelligence pays, some researchers earn more than 1 million a year even in non-profit companies

At this point it is no longer a secret that AI experts are the new stars of technology , their salaries have become astronomical and in large part it is thanks to the great demand that exists and the shortage of talent in the sector.

And for the sample are the huge salaries that some of the researchers from OpenAI , the non-profit artificial intelligence research company that was founded by Elon Musk in 2015, paid almost 2 million dollars to a single employee during 2016 .

In the New York Times they explain how they recently got to know thanks to the tax declaration that OpenAI made, that in 2016 they paid their principal investigator, Ilya Sutskever, more than 1.9 million dollars . Sutskever was recruited from Google, as was another researcher named Ian Goodfellow, who despite being hired in March of that same year, won more than $ 800,000.

The rest of works in technology better paid do not reach the 200,000 annual dollars

A third name also appears among experts with astronomical salaries, the specialist in robotics, Pieter Abbeel, won $ 425,000 despite having joined the company in June 2016.

In comparison with the AI, the rest of the highest paid jobs in the tech sector in the United States , do not reach $ 200,000 per year, not even in San Francisco. That they do not stop being great salaries with which some will only dream all their life, but that put even more in perspective the level in which the AI ​​expert is .

More than 7 million dollars in salary benefits for its 52 employees in a single year

OpenAI was founded in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman along with other big investors who promised the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars. Its purpose is to investigate Artificial Intelligence for human benefit, and from the beginning had a team of researchers of the first level.

During their first year in OpenAI they spent about 11 million dollars, and more than 7 million of that money went to the salaries and other benefits of their employees. Of the 52 employees they had in 2016.


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