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Arch Anywhere allows you to install Arch Linux pure and hard without going crazy in the process

Have you ever been bitten by Arch Linux curiosity? Presumably yes. Not every day you find an operating system that promises to be what you want, neither more nor less. If you have been curious, you have tried to get it and inform you of what to do to install it. On your wiki you can find a very comprehensive installation guide, that if you are a newbie in the Linux world (or you do not like to complicate your life too much) it will have seemed tremendously complicated.

Easy, you can say. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I will just say that my first installation of Arch Linux lasted a whopping eight hours, looking at the wiki of the distro and giving very shy and small steps not to load what I had already achieved. None of that would have required Arch Linux Anywhere . The process would have cost much less, since with a script installs the whole system, including the graphical environment.

Arch Linux Anywhere has been around for some months. Its first version appeared in September of last years, and is distributed as a dual image of Arch Linux that you can unzip on a USB drive or a DVD-ROM. The difference is that in this case you will not have to type anything by hand, since an automatic script will give you a series of options and then will install the system for you, as we have already mentioned.

This distribution is also compatible with virtual machines, so if you want to test how the script works before installing it you can do it through VMWare or Virtualbox.

Overcoming the psychological barrier of the terminal

Those who have been in this for a few years on computers, we have already passed before that experience of a black screen with a flashing cursor. Many more modern users, who arrived as the graphical environment did, did not. When you install Arch Linux, everything finishes and you can restart your PC you find exactly that .

It’s possible for many users to think “where is my graphical environment?” Well, before we said that Arch Linux is what you want it to be. How does he do that? Making the user take care of everything . It really means that an operating system is truly customizable, far beyond putting nice icons or a particular decoration on the windows.

Arch Linux Anywhere democratizes this process very much , so that the system is still customizable and you will have to continue to take care of everything as a user, but in a way that less leaps the experience for the newbies. In the words of those responsible:

Every aspect of the installation, partitioning the disk to install a desktop, as well as the extra software is taken into consideration, leaving you with a fully usable Arch Linux system, with your favorite Arch Repos programs included. Installs Arch Anywhere, regardless of your experience level.

And the list does not end here. It includes support for multiple languages, can be installed on computers that use UEFI instead of the traditional BIOS, incorporates an Arch Linux offline wiki and also combines 32-bit and 64-bit ISO images in one place. Not bad for a picture that weighs less than 1GB, right?

If Arch Linux Anywhere still does not convince you, you have other Arch-based complete distributions, such as Antergos, Manjaro or Chakra Linux.


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