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Apple Music is more interested in the original shows than the exclusive ones of artists

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of software and Internet services, commented at a conference held by Recode on the current status of Apple Music and the company’s plans to further push the service. Although Cue did not give exact numbers on the current number of subscribers, he said they were already well above the 20 million.

In spite of the great growth of the service that reached the 20 million users of payment in December of 2016, the company is not completely satisfied with these numbers. This is where the production of original content comes in, Apple wants to get into the world of TV shows, and productions like Planet of the Apps will arrive directly inside Apple Music.

Cue also asked about exclusive rights to music, a subject that has given a lot to talk about, especially with the agreements that have made the company with popular artists whose music has been solely on Apple Music for a limited time.

Unlike philosophies like Tidal’s, Cue said that Apple’s strategy is not to ensure exclusive, but to work with artists from start to finish, since those exclusives are never good in the long run.

Planet of the Apps, Kareoke Carpool, and the future of Apple Music shows

Apple bought the rights to the popular “Carpool Kareoke” segment which is presented by James Corden on The Late Show and is constantly viral on YouTube. In this, Corden interviews celebrities of the stature of Adele, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez and others, while singing driving through the streets of Los Angeles.

Apple’s original series will further exploit this concept and will be premiered exclusively on Apple Music . Next to Carpool Kareoke, a new production called Planet of the Apps, will also be making its entry into the streaming music service, which clearly wants to go beyond music.

Planet of the Apps will be a space for application developers to showcase their apps and well-known celebrities who are often related to the world of technology, such as Will.i.am, Jessica Alba, or Gwyneth Paltrow will decide who have the most talent at the time of selling your app.

Apple Music is not yet two years old and has had more than rapid growth in the time it has been running. For rival companies like Spotify represents a great competition, and for us, the users, that is always positive, as we will receive more and better offers to invite us to lean on one or the other.

Apple’s original productions probably will not compete directly with major video such as Netflix or YouTube at the moment, but they are one more weight that could tip the scale to their side by offering more than just music, or temporary exclusives of some disks artists.


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