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A beginner’s guide to solar shading

Solar shading is an essential component of modern architecture that is aimed at managing the impact of sunlight on buildings. It encompasses various techniques and devices designed to control the amount of solar heat and light entering a structure, thereby improving energy efficiency and comfort. This guide will introduce you to the basics of solar shading and its benefits.

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Understanding solar shading

Solar shading involves the use of architectural elements to block or filter sunlight. These elements can be integrated into the design of the building or added as external features. The primary goal is to prevent excessive heat gain during the summer while allowing beneficial sunlight during the winter. This not only reduces the need for artificial cooling and heating but also enhances the comfort of the overall indoor environment.

A common method of solar shading is the use of brise soleil, which are horizontal or vertical louvres installed on the exterior of a building. These louvres are designed to block direct sunlight during peak hours, reducing glare and heat gain. Another popular method is the use of shading screens, which can be fixed or adjustable, allowing for flexibility in controlling sunlight throughout the day. You can read about different types of solar shading here.

Further benefits of solar shading

Solar shading protects interior furnishings and finishes from UV damage, prolonging their lifespan. It contributes to sustainability by reducing the building’s carbon footprint. A well-designed solar shading system from a specialist such as alusystems.uk can also add aesthetic value to a building, creating a distinctive architectural feature that enhances its visual appeal. Solar shading can also add an element of privacy.

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Solar shading is a crucial element of sustainable building design, offering multiple benefits ranging from energy efficiency to improved comfort and aesthetic appeal. Whether through the use of brise soleil, shading screens, or smart systems, incorporating solar shading into your building design can lead to significant long-term advantages. For beginners, understanding the basics of solar shading is the first step towards creating a more sustainable and comfortable living environment.


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