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2016 FIFA Club World Cup Previews

Preparations are well under way for the 2016 edition of the FIFA Club World Cup, and expectations for the event are high due to Japan’s immense experience in organising a number of major football tournaments in years gone by.

FIFA Club World Cup Previews

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Japan has hosted the FIFA Club World Cup no fewer than six times, most recently in 2012, and each and every time the event has been more successful than the one that preceded it, with bigger and more enthusiastic crowds in attendance.


Unlike the World Cup, which is contested by national teams, the Club World Cup is contested by champion clubs from each of the six continental football federations, along with the national league champion from the host nation. For this reason, the competition provides an exciting opportunity for fans and players alike to experience first-hand the latest world trends in club football, along with a fascinating insight into the club culture of each participating country.

The growing popularity of the Club World Cup competition has seen increasing interest from nations wishing to host the event. Brazil and UAE have all expressed an interest in hosting it during 2018 and 2018, and Japan has made it known that it too would be happy to see the event return.

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