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Your activity on social networks could keep you from getting a loan

Your activity on social networks is much more important than you think. Your Facebook profile or other social network you can condition when he was elected at the university of your dreams, finding a job, even when getting a loan.

Hard to believe, but it’s reality. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, several lenders companies have begun to register profiles and performances of credit applicants, to evaluate them as an indicator of solvency.

Your activity on social networks could keep you from getting a loanThus, they are able to find out if the borrower is left without work, what their social habits or profile as a consumer. A practice that even applies to companies who may have been criticized in forums and even in places as commonly used as eBay.

On the other hand, the activity recorded by these applicants in PayPal or Amazon may also be indicative of their economic solvency and demonstrate the viability of credit customers. Everything is on the network, and these companies know it. It is more valuable than reflecting your work life or your payroll information, so they will not hesitate to use it in your favor.

At the moment there is a widespread habit, but have begun to use small businesses in this sector, although it is possible that soon spread to other entities. An example is the case of LendUp, whose credit applicants in this case voluntarily share information on their social profiles, in order to provide more information on his person, and thus have more chances of getting the loan.

This practice has set off alarm among consumer organizations, faced with the threat that customers feel unfairly treated, either with problems and objections to get the loan, or getting a rate higher than average interest. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says it is aware of these practices, while the Federal Trade Commission has organized a series of training activities aimed at raising awareness these companies about the importance of respecting the privacy of its customers.


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