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Why the redesign of Snapchat has angered many of its users

The biggest redesign in the history of Snapchat since its launch back in 2011 is generating a significant stir among many of its users on social networks. A tweet in which a supposed direct message from the company suggests that achieved certain number of retweets will be reversed changes has been forwarded about 1,400,000 times. A petition that asks to eliminate the new update exceeds 650,000 signatures at this time.

The reason is well summarized by the demand addressed to Snap Inc. from Change.org: “Many users have discovered that it has not made the application easier to use and, in fact, has made many features more difficult.” Is it like that? What has been done to make it “more personal”, as Spiegel claimed, being easier for users who have not been attracted so far?

Part of the public that has made it great, paradoxically, is the one that does not understand the current Snapchat

Separating the personal from the corporate came chaos: many see more confusion

In the call for results for the third quarter of 2017, the head of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, announced the redesign of the application. “One thing we’ve heard over the years is that Snapchat is hard to understand or difficult to use,” said the CEO, “and our team has been working to respond to these comments.” A few days later the main lines of the reform came to fruition : “the new Snapchat separates the social from the media”.

That is the most significant change, beyond the rest. The content of the friends is now on the left side, while that of the editors, the creators and the community are on the right side.

The problem arises when the stories of celebrities are no longer with the rest and, above all, when all the content of friendships is concentrated on a single page combining stories, groups and personal snapshots. This point is what has unleashed the anger of users who find this group confused and disorganized.


In November, when Spiegel announced the future redesign began to unfold little by little a few weeks ago, he predicted these reactions. “There is a high probability that the redesign of our application interrupts our business in the short term,” he explained, thinking about economic results, “and we still do not know how the behavior of our community will change.”

Despite this, they ventured to take the risk thinking about the long term and the sum of new users among the sectors of the population that right now are not attracted by the application. According to its responsible, for the difficulty that entailed its use for them in the previous designs and approaches.

Part of its current audience, which has pushed the social network of the ephemeral to where it is, is what paradoxically does not understand the current Snapchat . Hence the mobilization and attempts to find methods that allow them to continue with the previous operation. Although the company has warned that unofficial solutions to change the appearance are temporary and can permanently block user accounts.


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