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Twitter allows you to review messages from users you do not know before following the conversation

Twitter has taken a step forward with respect to how users who have direct messages open to everyone can manage conversations. As posted on the Twitter support page, now these users will receive messages from unknown users in a folder called “Requests”.

In this sense, this new system will work in a similar way as it does in Facebook. In this way, from now on Twitter has a system of filters for the messages of users with whom we do not have a mutual follow-up or that we do not know.

Twitter has announced the new feature on its own platform, how could it be otherwise with a tweet …

A novelty and an important difference with respect to the messages of strangers on Facebook is that the sender will not be alerted that the recipient has opened the message, unless he chooses to accept the communication. If you do so, the message will go directly to your inbox and you can have a conversation as normal.

In case the communication is not accepted, Twitter will not bother the user with incessant notifications of messages that he does not want to read. The Twitter support page explains more in depth how this system works …

If you have the Receive messages from anyone setting enabled, incoming messages from users that you do not follow will be displayed as requests in the Messages tab. New group conversations are also displayed as requests, to which you have added users who you do not follow. When entering the conversation, you will be asked to choose between Delete or Accept the message. If you accept the message, you will be able to interact with the person who sent it to you and the message will be moved to your inbox. Keep in mind that the person who sent you the message will not know you saw it until you accept their request.

Apparently, this feature is already available for iOS and Android and will soon be present in the desktop version of the web.


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