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Twitter against the tweeters and tweetdecking: suspend numerous accounts with thousands of followers

Almost three weeks ago Twitter announced new rules aimed at restricting the automation and the use of multiple accounts, measures that aimed to combat manipulation and bots as much as possible. This weekend, a few days after that, numerous accounts designated for copying or plagiarizing other tweets and tweet-decking have been suspended .

According to BuzzFeed , “a ton of accounts known to steal tweets” have been suspended for violating the new policies of spam and artificial amplification of tweets. The publication lists users as @Dory , @GirlPosts , @finah , @SoDamnTrue or @teenagernotes . Many of these profiles were remarkably popular , reaching “hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers”.

A problem that will persist

A spokesman for Twitter, in conversation with The Verge , has indicated as a reason for the suspensions the new rules aimed at ending unwanted advertising. “One of the most common spam violations we see is the use of multiple accounts and the Twitter development platform to try to amplify or artificially inflate the prominence of certain tweets, ” they explained when presenting the use policies that trigger these measures.

The company, however, has avoided referring to specific cases according to Engadget and BuzzFeed . In addition, it is unknown whether the corrective is temporary or permanent.

Twitter has avoided explaining if the suspensions are temporary or permanent

It remains to know if Twitter will take measures beyond the US or Anglo-Saxon . In other countries the practice of tweetdecking and the plagiarism of tweets are also the order of the day following similar methods. Notoriety is achieved, little by little, by copying and disseminating tweets from others and with those accounts advertising is spread for which they charge significant sums according to their influence.

In any case, by many measures that can be taken, it does not seem that this type of behavior will be able to be eradicated completely . Despite the fact that beyond spam, Twitter is also concerned about political reasons , interference and false news , issues that are developed using similar manipulation and artificial inflation practices.


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