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Twitter achieves profitable second quarter of its history and exceeds expectations in terms of revenue and users

Twitter has presented its latest financial results on Wednesday, reporting its second consecutive profitable quarter , the profitable second quarter in the company’s history, surpassing the estimate that had been made from Wall Street in terms of income and monthly active users.

The San Francisco-based company has reported earnings of 16 cents per share on revenues of 665 million US dollars for this first quarter of 2018. This translates into profits of 61 million , below the gains obtained in the first quarter profitable of its history , the last of 2017, in which they won 91 million dollars.

Twitter announces the sum of 6 million new users and obtaining a profit of 61 million dollars

However, regarding the latest data we had, Twitter improves. The social network commanded by Jack Dorsey has added 6 million new users , surpassing the 5 million that had been projected. Twitter’s daily active users have increased 10% year-over-year, a figure that they have wanted to highlight above the total daily active user base, not revealed. Now it has 336 million monthly active users, which means an increase of around 3% worldwide year over year.

Revenue growth, another noteworthy figure, stands at 21% year-on-year . The shares of Twitter have risen 13% to $ 34.40 in operations prior to the opening of markets.

Video advertising revenues have been key in this first quarter of 2018

Twitter has grown, especially outside the United States . Especially in Asia, important responsible in the figures for this first quarter of 2018. International sales of the social platform account for 48% of turnover, representing an interannual growth of 53%.

In its market, the American, growth has remained at 2% . In fact, the company has explained that Japan has become the second largest revenue market and expects earnings from Asia and the Pacific to outpace the US soon.

Video ads represent more than half of all Twitter advertising revenue

This data has been made possible by the fact that Asian advertisers and those from other markets beyond the United States have adopted Twitter video ads. Revenue right now from this type of advertising accounts for more than half of all Twitter advertising revenue and was its fastest growing advertising format in the first quarter.

Twitter expects them to continue increasing, since they have signed an agreementwith Fox Sports to broadcast small fragments of video highlights of the World Cup in Russia 2018. The company wants to increase between 10 and 15% the number of employees throughout this year, especially to improve the debates in the network, supervising hate speech, disinformation and similar behavior, and meet certain priorities.


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