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Easy Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Website

A good website designer will always tell you that it pays to integrate your social media channels into your website, to maximise the strength of your digital assets and online campaigns. We look at some easy ways to do this:

Integrate Social Media

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Using a Share Plug-In

A great way to boost product sales is by having a share plug-in. This allows users to share things of interest with their contacts – extending your reach, without needing to pay for advertising. The trick lies in using this function sparingly. Add them in close proximity to the product detail page and any imagery for maximum impact.

Share Content That Your Users Generate

If your website users share text, video or photo updates about the services or products that you offer, flag it up on your website in an engaging fashion – whether it is good or bad. There are various platforms that allow you to highlight this content and moderate it, so you can curate and display the best of your socially-generated content and show how much of a ‘buzz’ your brand is generating.

Offer Sign-Ins via Social Media

A great way to encourage users to engage with your website is to allow social media sign-ins – it will save them time as many users are permanently logged into their accounts. By removing the need for a new log-in and password, you can increase custom in an easy way. Facebook is the site most beneficially linked with this feature, and you may find it boosts your sales via an e-commerce site.

Social Commenting

Another great feature to offers is social commenting – so that your website is brought to life by comments on your brand made via social channels. These are typically used for ecommerce stores online, and allow customers to link their social feeds to your website, sharing conversations, comments and thoughts about your offer, and allowing reviews and ratings. Firms like http://www.viziononline.co.uk, among others, should be able to help you incorporate features like these.

Social Trending

Some products tend to be naturally more ‘social’ and akin to sharing on Facebook or other social platforms. Use a popular product or service feed on your site to show what is trending from your offer. This can give you valuable business insight, and flag up potential purchases to your site visitors.

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