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Crisis management reputation or how to prevent fires in social networks

Planning and simulation of crisis situations are actions that must be present in our strategy in Social Media and are the best way to prevent crises that seriously damage our reputation.

We address the crisis management from identifying its stages, the development and implementation of the action plan and the learning that we get from each fire on social networks.

Cycle stages of crises in Social Media

  • Tranquility: No conflicts, interaction flows normally and our social networks is calm. At this stage, the major source of information we obtain identifying our strengths.
  • Voltage controlled: Social profiles are shaken, there is tension.Instead of messages of support, begin criticism, usually related to new products or campaigns whose service is not being delivered optimally.
  • Explosion of the crisis: The role of Community Manager at this stage is crucial, collect data, measure the magnitude of discomfort and join the rest of the team, are essential actions.

Crisis management reputation or how to prevent fires in social networksAction and reaction to uncontrolled crises

  • First Aid: The first response is critical and will influence the development of the crisis. It should be noted that the crisis haywire and undermine the reputation of brands are those that do not receive an adequate response in a timely manner. What does not mean a solution but, face it from the outset and purchase commitments with those responsible for implementing our actions.
  • What happened: Similarly and simultaneously to the activation of the agreed plan, it is important to collect all data that allow us to identify the causes that triggered the fire. This is where we indemnification if we are facing a real crisis for poor service or, on the contrary, we are victims of an attack of competition, without any basis, to undermine the influence of our brand.
  • How we fix it: Found the causes identified errors, we face the phase of contact with the affected user. The publication of the official response is key to maintaining confidence associated with transparency.

And … after the fire?

One of the key things to keep in mind is that the crisis does not end with public apologies. Quite the contrary, once calm returns to networks, it is important to address what happened internally.

Because time management is essential in Social Media, the various departments involved should thoroughly study what happened, how it worked early detection and why the fire broke out. Only by knowing fully what happened will be able to implement improvements to avoid crises in the future.

Necessary actions to prevent fires in Social Media

Finally we conclude with an outline of the steps for early detection and prevent crises.

  • Alert, be vigilant is essential to avoid mistakes is the best way to prevent crisis.
  • Teaming up, transform our community into a binding platform committed influences, it is the best alternative to minimize conflicts.
  • Championing trolls, do good things and try their conversion with our honest actions, committed and quality is the best way to neutralize them.
  • Think before mistakes, before any questions, concerns or suggestions, if we are not sure the answer is better to be honest, act with caution and compromise with the deadlines agreed to resolve the conflict.
  • Consistency, avoid sending contradictory information at all costs, often the Community Manager know that implement another strategy could be achieved before the objectives of the mark however, this would cause confusion among our followers.
  • Let’s be honest, do not try to look honest, but really be. The transparency of our actions is the best way to avoid a fire that can destroy our reputation harvest.

Do not forget that we are dealing with people … virtual interaction channels often lead us to forget that criticism, except those made to undermine the reputation without more, are staging something we are not doing well … the before we approach better. The competition is fierce!



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