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All things that Twitter should do to improve before including QR codes

Surely if you are a Twitter regular you have noticed that, during the last months, the social network of the blue bird has not stopped making changes. Some changes that have affected from the limit of characters to the time line and, in general terms, try to take off this company whose number of users has long been stagnant. In fact, there have been few buying rumors that have been heard since the beginning of October.

A transaction that has not yet come to fruition and a situation in which the platform is trying to keep growing in the hands of different initiatives. One of the last is the inclusion of QR codes to share your profile; A useful addition but not at all a priority. In fact, the platform still has many aspects in which it could improve and that we have decided to collect.

Add features to the camera built into the app

To begin with, we focus on a lack that is most accused of those who tweet events live and that has to do with the meager functionality of the camera integrated in the app. Yes, because today it does not even let us do something so simple – and that includes practically all the tools we use daily – as zoom on what we are photographing. A reality that forces us to change continuously between the photo app of our smartphone and the social network (or to approach and risk to annoy).

In any case, this is not the only benefit that has to do with the camera that is short, because we would also appreciate the launch of a feature that would allow us to carry out GIFs directly to upload them to the platform – something that, incidentally, Would contribute a great variety to the content – or, at least, from videos already present in our device.

Improve notifications

The notifications is another of the sections in which, in humble opinion of a servant, Twitter needs to improve. An interesting option would be to include personalized alerts, both in terms of sounds that warn us of an interaction (identical to any of them) and what they have to do with what we want to know or not.

For example and for us to understand, it would not be more than a system that allows us to determine the type of sound we want to hear in each notification, or another to let us differentiate them, silence the ones we select, and a long etcetera that you can already Imagine and that would make them something much more agile and useful.

Edit tuits

While this is a desirable option for many, the truth is that this feature will surely delight those who manage corporate accounts. We are referring to the possibility of editing tweets when we make a mistake. Yes, because today we can only erase it, something that makes sense in a way and that is useful in preventing certain personalities from falling apart, but that is not very agile for those who simply want to correct a typo.

In fact, ideally there would be the possibility of modifying them, that is, adding a small indicator (edited or similar) in the lower or upper area of ​​the tweet to inform the reader of it. In any case, and in anticipation of the criticism that this section might raise, it could also include a sort of hidden history, excluding certain profiles; although we will always have the screenshots.

Facilitate tuition programming

With the subject of programming tuits something very similar happens. Indeed, because it is one of the most hidden features of Twitter to which, in fact, only some users can access. It lies in “Ads on Twitter”. One way to unlock is through the activation of Twitter Cards. A number of factors that are forcing us to opt for third – party tools such as HootsSuite, Tweetdeck or Buffer, among others, and according to our needs.

Customizing Appearance

While most tools allow us to carry out a customization of our workspace, the truth is that this virtual community does not do it beyond the night mode. Something that, although it is not exclusive of her, perhaps if it is a marked trait. The emergence of specific themes and the like would not be over.

Multi-desktop management

Another feature that we consider desirable is the incorporation of a function that allows us to manage multiple accounts from the desktop, or at least something similar to what is possible through the mobile app but much more agile. In fact, a visualization in columns would be very agile, for example. For now and unfortunately, we have to settle for third party tools or Tweetdeck.

Improve the tagging system in photos

Another desirable feature is that of improving the labeling system. For example, let’s take the case that we went to a party with a friend, and that this one takes a photograph in which we appear and upload it to the social network. Well, for us to be mentioned so far has to mention us.

Something that, undoubtedly, gives rise to a visually unattractive tuit, with too many arrobas (especially if the number of people that appears is elevated) and others. A process that could be simplified by the hand of a similar approach to what Facebook offers. In fact, it would be appreciated that before mentioning or labeling us, we could be consulted. Especially if we consider the more professional character (i.e. say beyond the use for entertainment) of this community.

Tweet autodestructibles and closed answers

A collation of the above, we also think the possibility of launching a new type of tweet that disappears after a certain period. For what purpose? Very simple, to avoid that they continue responding to a message that we made, for example, on a current issue that has changed during the last months; Live events, etc.

A benefit that, in short, would save us receiving notifications “outdated” and that surely would also avoid misunderstandings. Another option that points in this direction would be to establish closed answers, once a certain number is reached. These restrictions, in any case (and like almost any limitation) should be studied, applied to a certain type of messages or similar.

If you do not want to be mentioned

In the same way it would be interesting to have an option that allows us to customize the notifications we receive and even silence some of them; It would also be impossible to prevent certain people from mentioning us repeatedly or doing so without our permission in order to harm us.

For example, let’s say the case of an individual who wants to annoy us – or a brand that does not know where the limit is – and that repeatedly mentions us to get our attention. Let’s also state that it does so without violating the rules and policy of using the platform. We should have some functionality that would give us the opportunity to avoid it.

Enabling users to block certain IPs from repeatedly harassing multiple accounts directly (we refer to the activity that directly affects them and not to expelling the user community using that IP to create multiple profiles) would also be feasible and We would avoid several trolleos.

Influence measurement system beyond followers

Here we are referring to how the community values ​​our influence. That is, it seems that the greater our number of followers, the better (in fact there was a time when it influenced the time you were granted the “badge” verified account).

Something that made sense during the first steps of the platform but which currently is somewhat short, especially if we consider that there are utilities to get followers automatically, as well as another series of practices that make their purchase possible.

Ideally, in this way, we would introduce a system that would allow us to measure influence in terms of interactions and participation, the number of clicks on our messages, and the like. If we want to spin finer, it would be great to be able to see in which hashtags and themes a person is more influential.

Nesting conversations and repeating responses

Nesting conversations and repeating the answers is another point on which the platform needs to improve. And we are not only referring to the order and the bragging that can be presented in this way, but also to the little agile that is, and the fact that we can end up having the conversation in duplicate.

Add feature “live”

Surely you have noticed that one of the great bets of social networks is that of live content; A trend and a type of retransmission that allows Twitter – in fact, this summer signed an agreement with the NBA to broadcast content in this way. However, it is not always easy to find these videos, and it would be appreciated a tab for the direct, specific save buttons, and so on.

Display by categories and more

In this section we could talk long and hard, addressing aspects that have to do with the configuration of the elements that are shown in our timeline, order, and so on. However, it is also worth mentioning others that have to do with missing features.

For example, previously we could see our profile “from outside”, as in LinkedIn. Give us the possibility to see the content grouped by categories – of the tweets that we have saved also, a section in which we would also appreciate more functions, in columns or similar could also be useful. Allowing feedback on the tweets to better customize the content we see would also be a substantial improvement.

Change the interface of direct messages

Although Twitter ended up removing the character limit in its direct messages, the fact remains that there is still much to do about the interface. That is, we are still very restricted, we lack an option to customize the design and we can not even modify the size of the message screen. The shared elements also look too square and large, so if we share too many we can lose the thread of the conversation.


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