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Where to buy your macrame and crochet supplies

According to Vogue, macrame is back in fashion and there’s been a surge in popularity of crafts like crocheting since the pandemic. But it’s not always easy to know where and what to buy in terms of materials. Thankfully, since the rise in crafting, numerous online stores offer a variety of yarn or rope and there are also macrame and crochet kits for beginners.

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Getting started

The great thing about macrame is that it’s cheap and easy to get started, according to The Sun. The same can be said of crochet, with the supplies you need minimal and easy to find.

If you want to try a crochet kit first, you can see the latest collection of crochet kits and go for a design that takes your fancy. You can also get helpful tips on how to complete them and a guide to the level of difficulty involved.

Find the right supplier

A one-stop shop for all your macrame and crochet supplies may be good if you’re trying these crafts for the first time, but you need to ensure that the quality of materials is good. Take a look at reviews and see if they offer more than just the basics. Chances are if they are experts, there’ll also be a range of tutorials and other information about these crafts and how to succeed.

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Check the material

Macrame cord can vary in quality, so make sure you get the right size and thickness. For small projects such as jewellery, the string only needs to be 1-2 mm. But for large macrame items, such as plant hangers, you’ll need 5mm or more.

You could also consider macrame yarn, which, like crochet yarn, comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses. Some yarns are rough, such as cords and hemp strings, which you might find irritating on your skin, so have a look at softer materials such as nylon, satin or cotton.

Once you’ve decided what to make and you have all you need to begin, go ahead and get inspired – you never know what you might create.


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