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How to Make the Most of Small Spaces

We are not all lucky enough to live in a large house. In fact, many people enjoy living in a smaller space, as it can feel cosier and more functional. Even though small houses and flats can be attractive and the ideal living space for many, there is often a problem when it comes to storage and furniture. It is important to find furniture that works with the smaller rooms of your home and makes the most of the space you have. Choosing a high-quality reproduction designer furniture manufacturer can save you a lot of stress when it comes to decorating a small house or flat.

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Use Lighting to Create Visual Space

Light is one of the first things to consider from a visual perspective. Plenty of bright lighting can create space and make your home look bigger without even changing any of the d├ęcor. Mirrors are another good trick in making a small space look bigger. Some people even create a mirrored wall to give the effect of doubling the space available.

Furniture is where space can really be created and used well. Fitted furniture always saves more space than free-standing furniture, so fitted wardrobes are a must. These not only make your bedroom look bigger, but they also give you more room for your clothes and shoes. Fitted desks are also a good idea for offices and bedrooms doubling up as work spaces, while adding shelves to walls and corners is a more useful use of the space than a free-standing book case.

Fitted Furniture and Clever Shaping for Less Wasted Space

There are many options from high-quality furniture stockists, such as the furniture available at pash-living.co.uk, which can be created to suit your personal space, whatever its size. Remember the importance of the living area when it comes to space-saving, and think about corner sofas and sofa beds, along with smaller versions of favourite pieces. This is a strong benefit of using contemporary reproductions of classic furniture, as pieces can be redesigned to suit a modern living space.

Many companies make bespoke versions of sofas, armchairs and tables which are cleverly sized to fit into awkward corners that would otherwise be wasted space. This is another area of expertise offered by contemporary furniture designers, who can provide innovative ways of creating more space.


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