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Your New Floor needs to be Prepared for

A new floor is a big project, so it is important to weigh up your options before making a purchase. It doesn’t matter if you want laminate or wooden flooring, either way you must prepare for your floor in advance.  Off course you could just move into an Office Space Reading location found at https://www.arlingtonbusinesspark.co.uk/.

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Lots of people don’t prepare, and it means that they end up accidentally buying low quality flooring that looks worn after a few years, or they buy too much flooring for their work place.

This can vastly increase the cost of your flooring project. If you want to make sure that you are happy with your new floor, here are four questions that you should ask yourself to prepare for your new floor.

Laminate Flooring: How do I Choose the Right Laminate for my work place?

Quality laminate can last for years, but cheap laminate will quickly peel and contract. Try to avoid buying laminate that has a chipboard core, as it will contract and expand if it is damaged. Instead try to buy laminate that has a fireboard base with a brown bottom, as this will give you added protection against water.

Wooden Flooring: Do I Want Tongue and Groove or Click-lock Flooring?

Tongue and groove flooring clicks together when the first plank fits into the groove of the second plank. Doing this yourself can be a time consuming task, and you must be careful. If you get it wrong you will dislodge other planks that you have placed, which can lead to gaps.

Click-lock floors also needs to be clicked together, but they are usually easier to fit. You can also unclick them if you want to get to pipes below the floor, which you can’t do with tongue and groove flooring.

Do I Want to Varnish or Oil my Floors?

It is important to varnish your wooden floor so that it looks good for years. According to Home Guides, oil finishes don’t prevent floor damage as well as varnish, but they are easier to apply.

How do I Find Out How Much Flooring I Need?

Buying too much flooring is the easiest way to lose money when it comes to flooring. Measure your work space and round the number up to the closest square meter to make sure you don’t waste your money.


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