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Wood Flooring: What You Need to Know

The term ‘wood flooring’ means so much more than wooden planks these days. Engineered wood, laminate and even cork are all considered wooden flooring. Confused? Here’s what you need to know to decide on the right wooden floor for you.

Wood Flooring

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The chances are that when you think of wood flooring, you think of beautiful solid wood. This is flooring with a timeless appeal that wears its age with pride or can be refinished to erase damage and keep it looking as good as new. This is the green choice, provided you ensure your wood comes from sustainable forests.


Although bamboo is technically a grass, it has a lovely wood-like appearance when laid, often at a fraction of the cost. Be aware, however, that cheaper bamboo floors can be less durable and are dented easily by stiletto heels, for example. So it pays to invest a little more and buy the best grade you can. Bamboo is sustainable, but you’ll need to check its credentials before you buy.

Engineered Wood

Like laminate, this is assembled in layers, with a decent hardwood veneer on a cheaper-grade base. It’s also installed like laminate by laying it over an existing floor and simply clicking the pieces together. Because of its hardwood finish, engineered wood can be sanded down and refinished, but it depends on the thickness of the veneer how many times that will be feasible. The great advantage is its cost-effectiveness compared to hardwood. Want to keep it green? Choose engineered wood that is formaldehyde-free.


Laminate flooring can be stunning and is a versatile and cost-effective solution for a range of flooring installations. These days, laminates can mimic a range of finishes, including tiles and stone, but are manufactured on the same basis as engineered wood. If you prefer not to be tied down to a wood finish and appreciate the ease of installation, laminates can be a robust, hard-wearing and cost-effective solution – try a company like http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/laminate-flooring for high-quality laminates that precisely mimic hardwood with much lower maintenance.


Cork tiles became something of a joke back in the 70s, but cork flooring is having a resurgence thanks to its natural moisture resistance, resilience, warmth and sound-insulating qualities. Anchor with adhesives low in volatile organic compounds to keep it green.


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