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Will We See an American Head of Ofsted?

We may soon see an American head of Ofsted as the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, looks to the US for a suitable professional to take over from Sir Michael Wilshaw, who will stand down as chief inspector in December. 2017 may see an American bringing ideas from the US Charter schools system to England’s schools.

Will We See an American Head of Ofsted

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It is thought that Nicky Morgan wants to bring US advances in education to the UK to shake up the state school system. Charter schools are free from the control of local authorities, much like free schools and academies in England. Another issue is that America has had much experience in dealing with teaching unions, which will prove useful in the UK.

Education in Finland

However, there has been some criticism of the US, with Christine Blower from the National Union of Teachers believing that Finland offers a better educational model for the UK to follow. Finland has consistently finished at the top of tables for educational achievement, despite interesting differences in its approach. As the BBC comments, in Finland children are not tested as often as in the UK, have longer holidays and do not start school until the age of seven.

Others believe that instead of looking to the US or Finland, the UK should focus on ‘home-grown talent’. According to the Guardian, the funding, structure and unionisation of the UK’s state school system mean hiring a US professional to run Ofsted would be too challenging.

Helping Children to Read

There are many issues that the new Ofsted head will need to address, including how to successfully help children to read. Reading and writing are some of the most important basic skills for children to master in their early years. There are many ways they can improve their skills by using appropriate technology, such as that available from http://www.mywordbuddy.com/. The right type of technical help can improve the lessons for both teachers and children.

All eyes are on Nicky Morgan as the UK waits to see who will be appointed as the next head of Ofsted in December. It seems likely it will be a US expert, but Finnish academics are also in the running. However, a home-grown specialist could well have the upper hand in understanding the unique needs of children in British schools.


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