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Why your dining table might be the most important piece of furniture in your home

Although it is often overlooked, the dining room table is a significant part of any home. Wherever it is situated, it undoubtedly performs multiple functions, establishing its extremely convenient and practical nature. It acts as the setting for numerous tasks and events in a family’s life, ranging from people eating at it, to birthday celebrations, to children doing their homework on it, to important conversations being held around it.

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Traditionally, the dining table was a sign of a family’s prosperity and wealth. The origins of this idea can be traced to Chinese culture. It was believed that the size of the dining table was in direct correlation to the number of people a family could feed. Therefore, the bigger the dining table, the greater a person’s status and wealth was thought to have been. Even the style, shape and colour can reveal much about a home and the family who live there.

The dining table today

In today’s modern world, the dining table has become a neglected piece of furniture, gathering dust and acting as a holding ground for household items. However, by breathing life back into it, it can become a comfortable and intimate place to hold conversations and develop relationships with friends and family.

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So how can you rejuvenate your dining table?

As a central piece of furniture, it is important that you chose a dining table that reflects your style, complements your décor and attracts people to come and sit around it. When considering the shape of your dining table, it is important that it permits people to communicate whilst eating.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the fantastic range of handcrafted tables available. House Beautiful offers great advice on how to select a dining table – https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/dining-area/news/a369/how-to-choose-the-perfect-dining-table/.

A table can significantly improve the style of a room, but so too can chairs. Stylish and comfortable chairs, such as Lloyd Looms dining chairs at https://lloydlooms.co.uk/product-category/lloyd-loom-dining-chairs/, are a must. Not only can they greatly enhance the décor of the room, they also encourage people to sit at a dining table.

Once the furniture is sorted, add some candles, flowers or an attractive centrepiece to make your dining table more homely. Embrace the tradition and make your dining table the focal point of your family’s life.


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