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Why you should have houseplants in your bathroom

One of the best places to keep houseplants for a sense of health and wellbeing is the bathroom. They bring verdant vistas and fragrance to this room of the house – with running water, you could almost imagine yourself in a tropical glade.

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How plants enhance your bathroom

Carefully chosen plants can transform the character of a plain bathroom into a lush, living entity. Plants bring a luxurious aura and their soft fronds balance the harshness of austere bathroom fittings such as porcelain and tiles.

Sadly, the architecture of many bathrooms doesn’t suit plant life. Bathrooms often have small windows and poor light quality – so choose plants that can cope with restricted light levels.

Decoration tips

Think creatively when it comes to getting the best out of limited space. Hanging baskets, wall-mounted pot containers and macramé-design holders hanging from the ceiling or creating leaf trails from a shelf can save space. Plants next to a mirror can create an illusion of depth in a small room.

For a large bathroom, a big specimen plant or a group in matching containers can look stunning.

A group of small plants in attractive pots is a good look on display shelves. Hanging plants can lead to a lush tropical feel, but make sure that hooks are attached to a wooden joist, not simply onto plasterboard.

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Plant care means regular feeding and looking out for disease or pests.

More tips on plants in the bathroom are available at https://plantcaretoday.com/bathroom-plants.html.

If you’re planning Bathroom Renovations Dublin has plenty of suppliers and installers to help you realise your dream bathroom. Once you’ve completed your bathroom renovations Dublin-based Avoca Bathrooms suggests that plants and other accessories are added to give the bathroom a personal touch.

Suggested plants

Ferns are a popular choice. Varieties need good humidity and light.

Tropical gardenia can introduce a lovely scent but cannot tolerate big fluctuations in temperature.

Bromeliads have striking colours. They need high humidity and indirect light to thrive.

Spider plants will trail in an attractive way if put on a windowsill.

Sansevieria, otherwise known as Mother in Law’s tongue, can weather muted light and is an air purifier. They grow large, therefore making an ideal floor-standing plant.

Orchids like the humidity of a bathroom. Water once every week and you will see long-lasting flowers.


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