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Why You Need to Get Up on Your Roof

Inspecting your roof at least twice a year is advisable. Checking the roof from the outside and inspecting the inside from the loft space are recommended.

Why You Need to Get Up on Your Roof

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Outside Inspection

Check the outside of your roof from ground level using binoculars. Remember that the use of ladders and climbing on roofs are potential hazards, and if you are in any doubt, use a reputable builder or surveyor to examine your roof.

Check the ground around the house for any broken tiles, slates or shingle that may indicate there is a problem somewhere up above.

Loft Space Inspection

If daylight is appearing from anywhere in the loft, it is likely there’s something missing externally. Roof slates or tiles may have slipped, been blown off or broken. If they’re not replaced rapidly, rain water will start to leak into the loft, causing damage to the space or rooms below.

Water staining found in the loft space is an early warning sign that there is a problem with your roof. Call a reputable roofer immediately.

Reinstate any missing slates, tiles or shingle immediately before damage can occur to roof timbers or plaster ceilings.

Companies such as http://reliable-remodeler.com/ offer inspirational ways of looking after your home and creating beautiful houses. Maintaining your roof is just one way of taking care of your home. Here are some other handy pointers: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sponsored/property/protect-your-home/10621456/make-home-more-efficient.html.

Clear Out Guttering and Chimneys

Removal of any debris or vegetation from gutters, flashing and chimney pots and stacks will allow these structures to do their jobs free of clutter and blockages.

Flashings and hips ridges can become detached in strong winds if the pointing is not maintained. Examine gullies and gutters for any signs of mortar droppings.

Leaning chimney stacks or pots may need attention if they have shifted and are looking unsafe. Seek expert advice if you are at all unsure, as unsound chimneys are dangerous. Also check for any smoke exiting at the base of pots or through the brickwork (for fuel fires only). This may indicate that pointing or reflaunching is required.

If you have a specialist roof such as a thatch or lead or a flat roof, ensure you use a specialist roofer for any repairs, as an unskilled repair job or quick-fix materials may create greater long-term damage to your home.


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