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Why is it Good Business Sense to Hire a Comedian?

Finding the right person to hire can be a tedious task, but Ross Berger found a surprising trick to get the perfect person for the job.

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Where did it Start?

In 2015, SeatGeek’s customer experience director Ross Berger was on the lookout for new team members for the ticket sales site. Matt Levy had the right experience for the job so Berger invited him to have a telephone interview where he instantly liked him due to his humour.

In the face to face interview, Berger asked Levy to create a presentation about anything he liked and so Levy advised him how to write a comedy sketch, based on his own love of stand-up comedy. Not only did it make Berger laugh, it also showed him that Levy was positive and able to turn any situation into a positive experience, exactly what he was looking for.

The First Comedy Hire

Levy got the job and was good at it. He had the experience of being in front of a live audience which helped immensely with relating to the customers he was selling event tickets to. He could connect to customers and whilst some did not begin the call particularly happy, after speaking with Levy they usually ended the call laughing.

A New Strategy

Impressed with Levy’s interaction with SeatGeek’s customers, Berger decided to look for more comedians to hire. He contacted theatres and used social media to recruit new employees and now around a third of his customer service representatives have a comedic background.

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Why Comedians?

The ability to listen and focus on details is something that comedians do well due to the nature of their shows. It gives them rapport with the customers that comes naturally. They are also able to structure their calls well because, after all, structure is what makes a good story or joke successful.

Their positivity is contagious, it’s no wonder that more and more corporate companies are hiring comedians for private gigs to reward their staff. This positivity brings employees together, so working with comedians will exemplify this even more. For those looking for comedians for hire, comedy venues such as https://thecomedyclub.co.uk/ are a great starting point.

If you want to focus on keeping your customers happy, what better way to do it that ensuring they are left smiling.


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