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Why Images Are Everything

Humans are extremely visual creatures. Did you know that there are approximately 100,000 billion images being circulated on Facebook -which represents around 77% of the total content of the social media giant? It is therefore clear that the image is the preferred method of communication for users but why is this so?

It’s got a lot to do with the fact that 90% of the transmitted information in our brains is visual. Other animals have different strengths, such as smell for a dog and hearing for a bat, but the human being is very much a visual creature. Research has shown that people process visual images 60,000 times faster than text. Imagery is easier to recall and crucial to the way we learn. What we see has a massive impact on who we are and how we feel. Now, you can begin to understand why animation is so important for your website. For an Animated Explainer Video for your site, visit https://animationexplainers.com/

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The way people learn has four distinct categories as classified by the Vak Model. Learning styles include kinaesthetic, auditory, visual and tactile. The most important of these for most people is the information they obtain through visual cues in a society that speaks in images. The age of the internet has resulted in a human society sharing information on a massive, global scale which is primarily visual in nature. The younger generation in particular have grown up in a world where they find it difficult now to cope with learning from a different medium other than a visual one.

Using infographics on a website therefore seems like a great idea. Animation has many advantages including visual learning to help present your message, ethos or brand awareness. Sites that include infography grow 12% faster than sites that don’t. Other benefits include:

Animation helps to clarify concepts you’re trying to get across

They help to reinforce understanding for your visitors

Makes learning new things much easier

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Those involved in building professional websites understand the benefits of using infographics and animations to make a site more engaging. It can allow data to be presented in an attractive and interesting way, to get your point across clearly and to identify incorrect assumptions quickly.

Human beings rely massively on what they see, basing their knowledge and perceptions of the world from these visual cues that they experience in the world around them. Therefore, the value of providing visual information on your site cannot be overestimated for making visitors engage more with your business, understand you better and be more likely to return many times and share what they’ve learned.


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