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Why every Game of Thrones Fan Should Visit Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones is the world’s biggest TV series at the moment, hooking millions of eager viewers across the globe. The series is based on George R.R. Martin’s popular book series called “A Song of Ice and Fire” and is based on medieval fantasy as it follows a variety of characters who all want to claim the Iron Throne. The series has been filmed in a range of locations across Europe and further afield. However, the most influential film location has been Northern Ireland, which has been the main location for numerous scenes from the show. This, in turn, has thrust Northern Ireland into Hollywood’s spotlight, making it a tourist attraction for fans of the hit series. So, why should you make the trip to Northern Ireland?

Why every Game of Thrones Fan Should Visit Northern Ireland

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Tollymore Forest Park

One of the most recognisable locations from the show is County Down’s Tollymore Forest Park. This featured in the very first episode of the series and has been known on the show as the Haunted Forest and home to the White Walkers. Tollymore consists of 600 hectares of redwoods and Gothic styles stone archways. According to www.ireland.com, the Starks found their loyal direwolves here and it is also the location where Theon was haunted by a pack of savage dogs.

Dark Hedges, Antrim

Close to Armoy in County Antrim resides the haunting Dark Hedges. This is a serpentine of beech trees which was used in the filming of the Game of Thrones. This is where little Ayra Stark decided to disguise her gender by dressing up as boy to avoid harm. However, this didn’t quite go as planned because she was taken to the Brotherhood instead.

Shillanavogy Valley

This film location was used in numerous scenes such as Robin Arryns duel and to recreate the splendid grasslands of the Dothraki. The Glenariff, also close to this area of Antrim, was used for some of these scenes as well. Its stunning waterfalls was probably what made it stand out to the creators of the show.

Where to Stay on your Visit

There are so many filming locations dotted around Northern Ireland that a central location is necessary to ensure that you can easily travel to each of these areas where the Game of Thrones was filmed. Choosing a Luxury B&B Northern Ireland is your best option because it will provide you with a place to stay in style and comfort, whilst also allowing you to easily travel back and forth if you wish. An ideal option, and fellow Game of Thrones fans, include the Luxury B&B http://www.ashbrook-house.co.uk/. From this location, you can visit each of the beautiful landmarks and locations used in the popular TV series.


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