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Why Do People Participate in Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are needed to test and experiment with treatments to prevent, detect and treat illness and disease. As a core part of clinical research, these trials are required to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments. The most common type of treatments being tested include existing treatments, new surgical procedures, new medical devices, new drugs or new drug combinations.

Why Do People Participate in Clinical Trials

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During the different stages of the clinical trial period, a number of people may be required as “subjects” who will contribute to the trial by experimenting with the new treatment at hand. But why do people agree to participate in clinical trials?

Why Participate?

Most people who participate or have participated have done so on a voluntary basis. It is a great way to both help other people by preventing them from coming into contact with a potentially harmful treatment. Another main reason why participants agree to be a part of a clinical trial is because they want to be a key part of moving medical science forward, helping it to advance and develop its wings.

Whilst some people participate as a healthy volunteer, others opt in because the associated treatment may even help them to treat their own existing illness. Clinical trials, according to the National Institutes of Health, give people hope and allow researchers to find “better treatments for others in the future”.

The Process of Clinical Research

Clinical Trial Assistants from gandlscientific.com are often required to assist with the development and procedure of a successful clinical trial. These trials usually begin in the heart of a laboratory and are used to gain more essential information about a new treatment including any possible risks, side effects and its overall effectiveness. The clinical trial is carried out during a series of phases. Each phase advances the study forwards.

These trials are required to find more efficient and effective ways in which to treat, prevent, diagnose and understand certain illnesses. In many instances, clinical trials uncovered fascinating cures for disease which have gone on to save thousands of lives as a result.

Doctors and healthcare professionals rely on clinical trials to make better informed decisions for the treatment of their patients. Different types of experimentation may be required according to the specific treatment. Each clinical trial protocol is in motion to ensure the health and safety of each participant. These detailed plans are a large part of the reason why people feel completely safe and at ease when it comes to participating in clinical research and trials.


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