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Why Any Boiler Issues Should Be Checked Out As Soon As Possible

Boilers are essential in our lives, especially during winter. They provide us with heating and hot water. If you notice a fault, then you should contact a professional quickly instead of waiting for it to get worse.

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Many people choose to have their boiler serviced annually. It means any faults can be fixed before they turn into bigger ones. However, if you notice a fault at any time, then you need to get it fixed. Here’s why.

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The Cost

Most of us don’t have money to burn, so we often turn our heads away from small problems instead of spending our hard-earned money. Boiler problems never go away – they only get worse. Winter can cause damage to your pipes and lead them to freeze, which can make the issue worse. Broken boilers can leak and damage your floors, which will increase your bill. In the worst cases, you might have to replace your boiler, which can cost a lot of money.


If you have a business, then the welfare of your employees is your responsibility. The recommendation for minimum temperature in an office is 16℃, and in an active environment it’s 13℃. You might have to send your employees home if your boiler breaks down during colder months but still pay them. You could also risk losing future business opportunities if customers cannot contact you.

Winter conditions can be harsh in the UK, and no heating can cause severe illnesses. If you have children or are elderly, then not having your boiler fixed can be disastrous. It can also lead to a boiler replacement, which can leave you for up to three days without heating and hot water.

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Most boilers run on gas and oil and emit carbon monoxide. The “silent killer” is tasteless and odourless, meaning you won’t know it’s present until the effects have started. Inhaling carbon monoxide can induce a coma or in worth cases cause death. Around 50 people a year die of carbon monoxide poisoning, with faulty boilers being the leading cause.

Fixing your boiler quickly not only saves your money – it also protects you and your family from the potential dangers.


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