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When is a wardrobe more than a wardrobe?

Have you ever thought about what your wardrobe says about your personality? Closets, cupboards and wardrobes are more than just a storage space for clothes and shoes, they can say so much more about a person. When you think of a wardrobe as not a piece of furniture but a collection of items specific to a person, you’ll begin to see yours in a whole new light.

A display – A wardrobe full of personal items in like a display in a museum. The museum owner chooses which pieces to display, that might be organised and catalogued much like museum artefacts. Casual and work clothes are hung separately, winter and summer wear are segregating for ease and it’s this organisation that makes it more than just a storage area. Others are sometimes invited to view the display, teenagers, in particular, make their wardrobes social interaction areas and even share purchases to online followers.

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Place of Memories – Wardrobes are not just places to store clothes but are a personal biography of the owner’s life and experiences. Special events, memorable occasions and life changes are all represented in a person’s collection of garments and keepsakes. Many people keep garments for old time’s sake, as reminders and souvenirs of happy occasions, for example. Such items are stored as memories of our past. Make your wardrobe a beautiful, stylish and contemporary place to store your happy memories. For fitted wardrobes dorset, visit https://www.lamco-design.co.uk/

Identity – What hangs in our closets are an honest and unique representation of who we are. It is a collection that won’t be replicated anywhere on earth. There will be countless combinations of garments to represent what mood we’re in, what occasion we’re attending or what work we do and it’s entirely unique to us. Different clothes can make us feel like different people and what we choose to put reflects parts we want to show off and parts we want to conceal about ourselves. Each time we return, we can choose an entirely different person to be.

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Wealth – Many excessively large collections are used as an indicator of wealth and influence. A big disposable income to spend on current trends and ever-changing fashion is shown in the size and cost of a wardrobe full of designer labels. A wide variety of different clothing also represents a person’s lifestyle. A closet containing business suits, ski gear, ball gowns and diving gear, for example, shows a different lifestyle and income level to a closet full of old t-shirts and jeans.

Waste – A lot of wardrobes are also evidence of poor shopping choices, full of garments still with shop labels attached and never worn. Putting them out would be confirmation of our wastefulness and excess, so many choose to keep their wardrobes full of clothes they will never wear. Storing them indefinitely, we hope that one day we might wear them, and it will have been a worthwhile investment.


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