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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, a Lifeline for the Disabled Community.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles or WAV Vehicles for short are an absolute lifeline for the disabled community.  Purchased from a well-established, reputable, professional motoring expert such as https://clarkemobility.com, these specially adapted vehicles can be used for a multitude of essential daily chores as well as for trips to the cinema, cafes, restaurants, the hydrotherapy swimming pool, Church outings or for meeting up with family and friends.  Anyone living with a permanent disability can apply for funding to help pay for the cost of one of these special vehicles.

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Coming complete with ramps, winches and extra restraints, they are used on a daily basis and allow their owners the complete freedom to go wherever they want, whenever they want.  No more waiting around for a bus or having to pay extortionate taxi fees, these new or used WAV Vehicles provide a safe and effective method for a wheelchair user to get around easily.  Life is difficult enough when you are struggling with the associated pains of a disability, having your own vehicle that’s adapted for your personal use makes life a lot simpler and easier to cope with.

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With a huge range of vehicles in stock this well-established, trusted, professional, specialist can supply the right car for you, or if in the remote circumstance that they don’t have a vehicle that you like, they will quickly source one especially for you, adapted to your individual needs.


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