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What would I need a Brass Ball Valve for?

You might not think that such a thing has much relevance to your life but a ball valve can be one of the most important parts of your daily life, even if you are not involved in them. Many of things that we take for granted in our lives rely on this simple ball valve system to help it be properly controlled and regulated. With them the flow of water, gas, essential industrial liquids and energy itself could not happen. You can find some great suppliers of the Brass Ball valve. Here are some of the types you might find and how it works.

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Firstly let’s address what a ball valve is. As you might suspect is a ball but it is usually perforated and has the ability to pivot in the valve itself. It is controlled by a simple handle that allows the operator to control the flow through the pipes with ease. They are very popular in industry as they are easy to use plus they can be repaired quickly and with minimal cost. The ball valve is seen as one of the most capable and trustworthy valves and they are the first port of call as an option for a shut off valve for when you want to completely stop flow or massively restrict it.

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They do fall down on one aspect and that is in cold conditions. They allow for a build-up of water that can freeze and expand causing cracks in the pipes. This can be solved by extra lagging of the pipes to try and prevent this. Here are the types you might find.

Reduced port or bore – This type of value allows for the reduced flow of liquids through the pipe. The pipes are smaller than the valve and the ball can be pivoted within it.

Full port – Here the ball is the same size as the pipe. This is an expensive option and is pretty much a binary approach to the pipes flow either open or closed. These are generally only used when the system requires a total shut off rather than controlled flow.

Cavity filler – Ball valves do create residues and this can be a problem if the next thing that needs to flow through the pipe should not be contaminated or mixed.  Ball valves create a cavity that allows the fluid to remain. This could result in a health hazard depending on the substance and the cavity filler stops this from having by removing it in the first place.

There are quite few other options but this should give you an idea to start.



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