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What makes a great stag do?

Stag dos are complicated occasions and can often require a lot of organisation either by the best man or a group of the groom’s friends in order to pull together the best experience that there is.

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If you are responsible for arranging a stag do, there are a number of different activities that you may want to look at and why not start early in the day and run straight through into the evening, making it a whole day of fun and memories for the groom and his family members and friends

Evening Ideas

Almost every stag do ends with an evening out somewhere, whether this is a night club, down the local pub or other venue.  If you have several gents coming and you are touring from destination to destination and you don’t want to worry about a designated driver then perhaps look at hiring a Coach Hire Dorset company which can be found at https://turnerscoaches.co.uk.

There are a number of different clubs to choose from including those in your local area as well as those in the large towns and cities that are nearby.

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Daytime Ideas

When looking for an activity to complete during the day you might look at events such as escape rooms, or perhaps a trip to your local theme park. For some groups the day time event is all about the thrill seeking which may include skydiving or an equivalent.

Proper planning

Planning is incredibly important when it comes to events like stag do’s. Trying to find a date and time when all the guys can get together can be problematic so it is best to give yourself plenty of time to do this. Then you can move onto the logistics and the events of the actual day and make sure that you don’t forget the cameras and the silly outfits. These are always a must for any stag do heading out on an evening event. If you intend on travelling abroad for some of the stag do such as to Las Vegas, you will want to make sure you book your flights and hotels in advance to make the most of the offers that are available.

Memorable moments

Stag do’s often go down as the most memorable events amongst your friendship group. You may even find that everyone tries to out-do each other with the outlandish events that they plan. Who knows that it will be when it is your time?



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