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What is rubber moulding?

Rubber moulding is the process through which uncured rubber compounds are converted into a usable rubber end product, such as the gaskets and seals on your car.

This simple process begins by placing the compounds into a mould and subjecting them to high temperatures and pressure to induce vulcanisation. Vulcanisation is the name given to the process that improves the elasticity, strength, resilience, hardness and weather resistance of the finished rubber product. As the product cools, it will retain the shape of the mould into which it has been placed.

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Types of rubber moulding

There are three types of rubber moulding from which you can choose.

1. Compression moulding. In compression moulding, the rubber compound is heated to liquid form and placed into an open mould which is then sealed and pressure applied to ensure that the compound evenly covers the entirety of the mould. It is the cheapest rubber moulding process available but can result in defects as fewer knit lines are produced than in injection moulding. It is commonly used to make large rubber products such as wellington boots.

2. Injection moulding. In injection moulding, the liquid rubber is injected into the mould which ensures that it is evenly dispersed prior to vulcanisation commencing. This precise process is very rapid and delivers excellent, repeatable results. It is commonly used in the manufacture of vehicle components and medical equipment.

3. Transfer moulding. In transfer moulding, the rubber compound does not need to be melted prior to entry into the gel-coated mould. The mould used in transfer moulding is enclosed, unlike that used in compression moulding, and it utilises higher pressures than in injection moulding. It creates thicker fibre matrices and takes longer to perform but it is a reasonably cost effective process. It is often used by the automotive industry to encapsulate items including circuits, connectors and coils within a rubber structure.

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Choosing the right process for your application

If you are unsure which rubber moulding process is best suited to your application, you can discuss your requirements with a specialist, such as https://www.meadex.co.uk/rubber-moulding who will be able to advise, based upon decades of industry experience.


Rubber moulding is a versatile process which allows operators to create a consistent range of rubber products, satisfying the needs of their consumers, minimising wastage in the manufacturing process and maintaining high quality standards.


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