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What are the benefits of vacuum forming?

Plastic products are everywhere, and so are plastic products which are plastic formed. Every time you take a chocolate or a cosmetic from its place nestled in a close fitting plastic tray, then you are enjoying a vacuum formed item.

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Process and precision

Vacuum formed products involve taking a sheet of some variety of plastic, raising its temperature and then stretching and vacuuming it onto a mould where it becomes the ideal shape to hold those truffles securely.

Using this technique means that the results can be formed to extremely precise specifications, which is a huge advantage if parts need to slot into each other or fit together in some way. A docking station for a mobile phone would not be much use if the slot to hold the phone was the wrong size or shape.

This technique means you can create exactly the packaging you need, and what is discarded from the moulds can be recycled and reused. This gives it an environmentally friendly aspect which is welcome. Discarded plastic packaging is a source of pollution which needs to be addressed, and to learn more, see this report in The Guardian.

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The technique is also considered to be efficient in terms of cost, as it can be carried out at a low pressure and does not require a large amount of sophisticated machinery. As costs to start producing this kind of packaging are relatively low, this makes the technique quite attractive to small or medium sized enterprises. If you want to learn more about vacuum forming and its possibilities then it would be a good idea to contact a reputable firm in this area such as bridgewooduk.com/production-assembly/vacuum-forming. A company like this can offer a wide range of guidance and advice and answer any questions you might have.

A very flexible technique, the final result can be tailored to whatever the customer desires, and can easily embody the aesthetics and brand values of the product it will contain. In addition, this type of packaging can be produced quite quickly, and the timescale for bringing it to market can be relatively short, which makes it very versatile and responsive. Agility is important in the marketplace of today, and vacuum formed packaging can help a business to stay on top of emerging trends.


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