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Welcome to the social media age

Many businesses are still getting to grips with the idea that they need to have a website in order to remain relevant in the age of the internet. And so the idea of also embracing social media services to feed growing sites with yet more customers might be daunting.  But we say don’t panic because there are companies out there willing to help like headonpr who provide a Cheltenham PR service So is it enough to simply start up accounts for your enterprise on Facebook and Twitter, then assume that your site can remain unchanged and still satisfy a social media-savvy crowd? The answer, of course, is no.

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Updating site designs to cope with shifting expectations after the social media boom is an important process that companies may not be able to handle independent of outside assistance.

This is why securing the help of a web design agency is sensible.  Preparing for visitors driven to your site by social media posts rather than search engines requires an expert eye.

Collective Effort

Firstly you must consider how the design of your website translates to your presence on social platforms, because ensuring that there is consistency across every channel that you occupy is critical to winning over customers.

This means everything from the images and logos you use on your site to the tone of voice you adopt in your tweets must be on-brand and unified.

You cannot treat your social media accounts as if they were for personal use and then expect people to flock to your website as a result of inane or irrelevant posts. Nor should you assume that if your posts are generating a lot of engagement that the people who click through are going to be satisfied by whatever outdated site design you have been using for the past decade.

Furthermore it is worth remembering that industry regulations may apply to your firm’s use of social media, which is something that even the world’s largest organisations have been proven to forget from time to time.

Mobile Optimisation

There are over one and a half billion people with active mobile social media accounts, meaning that the chances of engaging with someone while they are using a smartphone or tablet are incredibly high.

This being the case, web design must take into account the fact that anyone who clicks on a link from a social post will probably be bamboozled if they have to scroll around a desktop site designed with an interface that suits mouse and keyboard interactions.

To avoid alienating a growing crowd of mobile visitors, optimisation cannot be avoided. And with responsive web design techniques you can make a single site that caters to both desktop and mobile visitors without having to branch off and create a separate mobile domain.

Social media is a hugely powerful marketing tool that businesses of all sizes can harness for relatively little cost. But unless you have a modern website to back up your social manoeuvres all this effort will be wasted.


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