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Weird Things Mechanics Find in Cars

A mechanic working on vehicles won’t purposely hunt through them looking for things. However, during the course of their investigations and maintenance, they may need to open the boot, or reach underneath the seats, for example. This is when, at times, some mechanics have received a surprise! Here are some weird or downright dangerous things that mechanics have found while working on customers cars:

Food Stores

During the winter, in areas where there is a large rat population, vehicles can sometimes become the refuge for these furry critters. They like to use the warmth of the car’s engine to snuggle up and enjoy their evening meal. Mechanics in these areas often find food under the bonnet such as chocolate bars, pizza slices and other discarded food waste right on top of the engine! You might want to give your car the once over before taking it for an MOT or service. For a Gloucester MOT, visit https://www.123carandcommercial.com/gloucester-mots/

An Arsenal

This occurred in the U.S where many citizens have the right to bear arms. One unfortunate mechanic reached under a seat, only to retrieve a loaded handgun! Further loaded guns were also discovered in the boot, under another seat and in the glove compartment. This could have proved deadly! When the company rang the customer, they apologized and said that they should have warned them about the loaded guns in the car, but they were in fact, a collector of guns.

Costume Changes

A more amusing find happened when mechanics opened up a boot during a repair job. The boot was full of different costumes, including leather boots, animal-print outfits, cowboy boots and other assorted naughty outfits. A business card was amongst the clothing and when the garage decided to visit the website address on the card, the customer was in fact an escort.

Dangerous Reptiles

The odd rodent is a fairly mundane occurrence, but sometimes a mechanic might be underneath a vehicle and spot something a lot more unsettling! Some mechanics have had unfortunate run-ins with snakes, slithering around the underside of a car or truck.

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Popcorn Bucket 

Mechanics have seen some pretty innovative and unusual emergency fixes to get a vehicle to the garage, but this one really takes the biscuit. Mechanics found a popcorn bucket had been used under the bonnet and actually incorporated into the engine. That gives a whole new meaning to ‘popping the bonnet’.

A Cowbell

When a customer brings a car into the garage complaining of a strange sound, you would expect to find something wrong with one of the car’s components, right? Well, in this case the source of the unusual ringing sound happened to be a cowbell fastened to the under carriage of the car! Surely this was a cunning prank on the unsuspecting driver.


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