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Urban design trends to keep an eye out for

Urban design trends can change each year, and many new ideas arrive as the seasons’ change. We have seen a number of exciting new trends over the last few months and there are a few that are definitely worth watching this year. From creating an ‘experience’ for the visitor to adding greenery or even food halls, read on to discover the new trends to watch out for.

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Experience is key

The important aspect about urban space planning isn’t just about the appearance or function. It is now all about the ‘experience’ created by the design and how humans interact with the space. A development should feel unique as an interesting destination for a visitor, so customers feel connected to the place like they belong and want to re-visit often.


Adding greenery to an urban plan is more important than ever. Green spaces make a person feel connected to nature and can even improve your health. The right green additions to a space can lift it from ordinary to chic. Major parks are now common in cities, and this trend looks here to stay as people demand places to relax, unwind and enjoy connection to the natural world, even in the middle of an urban space. Parks are now built into the design and not left as an afterthought for leftover space. Green spaces are also being created on roof tops. This will require the services of a Bristol Flat Roofing company, but rooftop gardens are a big design trend that is catching on across the globe.

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Look to the future

Urban trends for commercial and domestic living include future-proofing the design. For commercial spaces, increased parking has always been a major concern. However, with the imminent arrival of self-driving cars and shared journeys being popular, this may no longer be an issue. For domestic properties, conservatories are in heavy demand.

Food halls

An interesting development in design trends for commercial urban spaces is the addition of food halls. The arrival of spaces where foods from all over the world can be prepared, bought and consumed has meant it is now possible to buy artisan and gourmet foods of any variety in chic city food halls. These are being designed and decorated in many different ways to ensure that they stand out from your standard supermarket.


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